Virtual CFO SaaS

+ SME scoreboard and forecasting tool.

Digitus helps entrepreneurs avoid bankruptcy.
Contributes to the growth of sustainable enterprises or to the rapid and economical closure or switchover.

For an entrepreneur, it makes accounting data meaningful. 
It provides business predictability by creating and adjusting growth scenarios – a budget with an associated cashflow forecast.
It supports the transition toward proactive management.

To CFO is a productivity tool.
It collects data from nearly all accounting software in Romania, connects it to external data (PPC, eCommerce, CRM, distribution, manufacturing, etc.), and generates consolidated reports without the risk of human error.

The primary differentiator is the data modelling engine without impacting accounting data.

Can be used as a cloud-based reporting solution for desktop accounting software (the most widely used in Romania).

For investors, it is an “almost real-time” tool to compute the ROI and investigate up to the invoice, payment, cost, supplier, or customer. 

A management goal setting and evaluation tool.

All-in-one tool for CFAs, CFOs or proactive entrepreneurs.

Save time gathering and preparing financial data. Follow-up and adjust budgets and cash flow forecast.